Microscope Objective UVI 74x

Collection efficiency, spatial resolution and depth of focus are important for successful Raman microscopy. A range of microscope objectives ranging from 5x to 100x are therefore available from HORIBA Scientific to enable your measurements to be optimized for all applications and wavelengths

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

All objectives are tested and selected by HORIBA Scientific to ensure that each objective will provide the very best performance with your Raman microscope.

  • All reflective 74x UV-vis-NIR objective
  • UVA - (for Deep UV excitations)
  • UVB - (Optimized for 325nm excitation)
  • VIS - (for standard non-contact sampling with red, green, blue lasers)
  • NIR - (for 785 and 830nm lasers)
  • LWD/ ULWD - (for working in cells and cryostats)
  • Immersion objectives - (for biological and specialized sampling)
  • RI Corrected - (for working through cell windows at depths within materials)


Magnefication: 74 x *

Numerical aperture (N.A.): 0.66 ± 0.01

Spectral range: [200 nm - 5000 nm]

Working distance: 1 mm

Filed Number (F.N.): 18

Ramans System compatibility: LabRAM Series

* for lens focal length of 200 mm

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