PD Xpadion

Reticle / Mask Particle Detection System

Next-generation inspection platform to meet future needs

PD-Xpadion is the latest generation of the HORIBA Particle Inspection product line. Based on an innovative modular platform design, PD Xpadion is the right tool to meet current and future needs of Mask & Pellicle inspection in the lithography and mask production processes. Fab automation, combined with a suite of HORIBA’s core technology, allow users to expand the PD Xpadion system to include not only particle inspection and detection, but also particle characterization by Raman analysis, pellicle film thickness and uniformity, and pellicle health monitoring tools.

事业部: 半导体
产品分类: 计量学
制造商: HORIBA, Ltd.

中国,Germany,Ireland,Israel,Italy,Korea (South),Malaysia,Singapore,中国台湾,United Kingdom,United States
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  • Adjustable detection sensitivity by utilizing a combination of optical systems
  • OHT, EFEM, multi-port, multi-slot adaptation
  • Ability to reanalyse inspection data for faster inspection recipe optimization
  • Integration options with other HORIBA sensor products like Raman spectroscopy and Ellipsometry
  • False detection reduction function
  • Innovative software with improved usability
Model PD Xpadion
Dimensions(W) x (D) x (H)1,000 x 1,850 x 1,600 mm
WeightApprox. 950kg
Inspection Particle SizePattern0.5 μm / 0.35 μm (0.1 μm : Blank Mask)*¹
Glass5.0 μm (0.5 μm - : High Sensitivity Option)*¹
Pellicle10.0 μm (0.5 μm - : High Sensitivity Option)*¹
Light Source633 nm He-Ne laser or 488 nm Solid-state laser
Reticle Size5 inch - 9 inch
Case openersSMIF POD, Compatible with various cases
ThroughputApprox. 12 min (From inspection start to test result display for 2 surface (6 inch) inspection)
Panel Surface TreatmentStainless Steel
Installation EnvironmentCleanlinessClass6 ISO standards or better 
Temperature23 +/- 1°C
UtilitiesPowerAC200-240 V, 2 kVA 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Vacuum SourcePressure -80 kPA or less
Compressed Air0.6 MPa - 0.7 MPa

New Function / Option

Reticle Edge HandlingYes
Auto Capture / Auto SizingYes
Data Browser FunctionYes
False Detection Reduction FunctionYes

*PSL equivalent , HORIBA recommends customer sample test for inspection sensitivity validation.



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