Universal Imaging System

Laboratory 29 megapixel full spectrum imaging camera package for fingerprint work. A complete digital imaging system providing image capture, image enhancement, and image comparison.

事业部: 科学仪器
产品分类: 刑侦
制造商: HORIBA Scientific

Use & Benefits

The Universal Imaging System is built around the SceneScope RUVIS UHD camera. The system is designed primarily for fingerprint and palmprint detection, enhancement, and comparison throughout the Full Spectrum. The system comes complete with a 29MP Ultra High Definition CCD Camera, computer, forensic light source and an Image Enhancement/Comparison Software Suite, featuring new powerful tools for the capture, tracking of enhancements, compressed and encrypted storage, minutiae extraction, and side by side comparison and charting

Full Spectrum imaging capability in the Shortwave UV (RUVIS), Longwave UV, Visible, and Infrared.


Left: Fingerprint on greeting card captured in Visible light.
Right: Same Sample processed with fluorescent powder, illuminated with 535nm and captured with 600nm bandpass camera filter on the SceneScope RUVIS UHD Camera.

Same Image file Above Right "Zoomed In"; enlarged 400% to show exquisite detail


The Color images below were NOT captured with the Universal Imaging System. They were captured with a generic digital camera and are provided to illustrate what would be seen with the human eye. All of the Black and White fingerprint images were captured with the Universal Imaging System using the included capture software and "Zoomed In" using the included ImaQuest Fingerprint Enhancement Software.


Left: Basic Yellow BY40 print illuminated and captured in Visible light by a generic digital camera (what the human eye would see)
Right: Same Sample illuminated at 445nm and captured with the SceneScope RUVIS UHD using a BP500 camera filter.


Left: Fluorescent powdered print; illuminated at 475nm and captured using a LP570 camera filter.
Right: Same Image on Left "Zoomed In"


Left: Print Glow™ print illuminated and captured in Visible light by a generic digital camera (what the human eye would see)
Right: Same Sample illuminated at 515nm and captured with the SceneScope RUVIS UHD using a LP570 camera filter.


Left: Left: 1,2 Indanedione palm print; illuminated at 535nm and captured using a BP600 camera filter
Right: Same Image on Left "Zoomed In"


Left: Black powder print illuminated and captured in Visible light by a generic digital camera (what the human eye would see)
Right: Same Sample illuminated at 630nm and captured with the SceneScope RUVIS UHD using a LP715nm camera filter.


Left: Black powder print lluminated and captured in Visible light by a generic digital camera (what the human eye would see)
Right: Same Sample illuminated at 715nm and captured with the SceneScope RUVIS UHD using a LP830nm camera filter.

Includes both Optical and Digital Enhancement with High Resolution, High Dynamic range image capture.

Includes ImaQuest

ImaQuest is an enhancement and comparison suite that allows the removal of fluorescent backgrounds, removes periodic backgrounds with FFT, and features a broad range of digital filters to process the prints. ImaQuest tracks all changes made to the image automatically, and features a unique format which records the original image and all mathematical treatments applied to the image, encrypts the information, and then restricts access through multiple user accounts and passwords.

IdentQuest is part of ImaQuest

IdentQuest is the digital comparator component of ImaQuest. It features automated extraction, as well as manual edition of minutiae points. Load, scan, or acquire any two prints and they can be viewed side by side. Choose either automated comparison, or do it manually. Once compared and marked, the pair can be transferred to a built-in document creator. Templates for individual departments can be created, saved, and reused. Work can be saved as images for use in presentations. Printouts for court or case jackets can be printed on any installed printer.

The Universal Imaging System is a complete system for the detection, optical enhancement, capture, digital enhancement, and output of fingerprint and palmprint images, as well as images of other types of evidence. UIS includes the computer hardware, 16MP Ultra High Resolution, Full Frame CCD camera, filters and lenses for optical enhancements, SPEX Forensics FOCUS FLS, and the ImaQuest software suite for digital enhancements.

Included Filter Set to allow visualization from 254nm to 1000nm.




All SceneScope RUVIS UHD Systems include eye and skin protection devices against UV radiations. All RUVIS devices include lamps that emit high-intensity shortwave ultraviolet. Exposure to these wavelengths of radiation even reflected or diffuse, can result in serious, and sometimes irreversible, eye and skin injuries. Never aim the shortwave UV lamp at anyone. Never look directly into the shortwave UV lamp. Always wear appropriate eye and skin protection when using any RUVIS device.

The system is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

As with any alternate light source, always wear eye and skin protection. Please illuminate responsibly.

Camera Specifications

Resolution: 29 million pixels
Data Transmission Rate: 3 User Selectable Operating Modes
Search: 10 fps
Fine Focus: 11 fps
Capture: 1.7 fps
Spectral Sensitivity: 250nm to 1100nm
Integration time: 1ms to 16 seconds
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Data Transfer: Gigabit Ethernet


A complete system including 29MP CCD Camera, Image Enhancement/Comparison Software Suite, and Computer.

The system includes everything contained in the SceneScope RUVIS UHD Camera System

Plus: Both Optical and Digital Enhancement capabilities with High Resolution, High Dynamic Range image capture throughout the entire spectrum

System Includes

  • Black and White High Resolution, High Speed, 29-megapixel Ultra High Definition RUVIS camera capable of 1000ppi resolution over an area of 6.6” by 4.4”, Full Frame, Full Spectrum acquisition with ability to capture from 250-1100nm.
  • 78mm UV Quartz Lens with Magnetic Filter Holder
  • 254nm BandPass UV Filter with quick release magnetic mount
  • 365nm BandPass UV Filter with quick release magnetic mount
  • Dual 254nm/365nm lamp and power supply
  • Software: SPEX Forensics Capture software, ImaQuest Digital Enhancement Software.
  • Copy Stand with column and 18” x 20” base with arm and clamp system
  • UV protection goggles
  • UV full-face protection with headgear


Included Filters

  • 18 Various Band Pass and Long Pass filters.
  • BP: 254nm, 365nm, 450nm, 550nm, 600nm,
  • LP: 530nm, 550nm, 570nm, 590nm, 610nm, 630nm, 665nm, 695nm, 715nm, 780nm, 830nm, 850nm, 1000nm.
  • All filters include specialized magnetic quick-release attachments.


Included PC (minimum specifications)

  • PC with Intel i7- 3.4GHz Processor 
  • 8Gb RAM
  • 256Gb SSD
  • 1Tb HDD
  • 27” Monitor


Optional PC Accessories (available upon request)

  • Photo Quality Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Flatbed Scanner


Included Forensic Light Source

  • FOCUS-6F LED Kit with 6 wavelengths including UV390nm, 470nm, 495nm, 530nm, 620nm, and WHITE (Configurable with your choice of Forensic Light Source, additional charges may apply)


Included Software

  • ImaQuest Fingerprint Enhancement and Comparison Software featuring; Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Background Subtraction, Stitching, Brightness & Contrast, Tracking History, Compressed Storage, Minutiae Extraction, Side-By-Side Comparison Menu, Charting and Documentation creation.
  • Capture software specifically designed for UIS camera providing quick, user-friendly, user-defined presets for: Screening, Focusing, and Capturing high-resolution images.
  • WSQ Forensic Compression Module integrated in ImaQuest (FBI 12:1 certified compression, user adjusted other compression rates available)
由于精液、唾液和阴道分泌物等体液具有天然荧光,因此使用光源照射使其发光成为一种独特的检测方法。 犯罪现场调查员可以通过光照缩小收集污渍的具体位置,而不需要测试像整个床垫、地毯、床单或一件衣服等大片区域搜集证据。干燥的体液污渍在光源照射下上会发出荧光。
Questioned Documents
Questioned Documents
The main application regarding Questioned documents and the use of alternate light sources revolve around “ink differentiation”. Many inks have different formulations, even within the same apparent color type. A tunable forensic light source can be used to identify slight variations in ink type by viewing ink responses as the color of the light is tuned through the visible and infrared regions.


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