HORIBA Group Establishes “Our Future” (Vision, Mission, Values)

|   Press Release

HORIBA, Ltd. established “Our Future” (Vision, Mission, Values) for the HORIBA Group on January 26, the anniversary of its foundation. 
The HORIBA Group, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2023, is carrying on the spirit set forth in its Corporate Identity and Code of Conduct. In preparation for the HORIBA Group’s 100th anniversary, we held numerous discussions on our path forward, including about the kind of company that we want to become and what sort of human capital the HORIBARIANs (a nickname for all people working at HORIBA) who work in the Group should be. We have set forth our answers to these questions in the form of “Our Future,” outlining the vision, mission and values shared by the entire HORIBA Group.
With these new desires and ambitions close to our hearts, HORIBA will continue to strive to achieve sustainable growth as a company that is needed by our customers and society as a whole.