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HORIBA’s Automotive Test Systems (ATS) with the Emission Measurement Systems (EMS), Mechatronics (MCT) and Test Automation Systems (TAS) departments provide a wide range of products and solutions to customers from across the automotive industry.

The experience made with automotive testing systems in combination with global support allows the Japanese company to realize appropriate solutions for individual client applications all over the world. In addition to distribution and support, the service portfolio of the EMS, TAS and MCT service departments includes the installation and commissioning of projects as well as methods for maintenance and training.

Defining goals together

These services are implemented at the customers’ facility by one of the service teams in each case. For this purpose, experts from both parties first jointly define the amount of maintenance, calibration and repair processes required and requested. Then HORIBA transfers these results to suitable contractual models and starts with project planning.

There are different possible solutions, all entirely in the customer’s interest: They range from framework contracts with individual conditions, fixed maintenance agreements for technologies and contracts with on-site problem-solving to service contracts which include the entire building technology. Following individual coordination with the customer, the team also modernizes test benches and equips them with the latest software and hardware.

On-site expertise

During the regular calibration of the test benches, the service engineers are able to fix any detected deviations immediately. This ensures permanently accurate measurement results. After successful completion, the customer receives calibration certificates for each test bench, including torque, speed and compression as well as the rate of rotation or the temperature.

In addition to calibration, the maintenance plan tailored to the existing test field ensures a permanent high standard, increases the serviceability and reduces downtimes. If a test bench is down nevertheless, the spare parts stored at the service location in each case allow for an immediate repair. Here, the HORIBA experts exclusively use original parts that fulfill the high technical demands.

When implementing its services, HORIBA always operates in the interests of its customers, thus providing full satisfaction.

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