Concentrated competence

Technology and know-how all from one supplier at the Oberursel site

Oberursel as the headquarters of HORIBA Europe GmbH is also the location of a Test Center equipped for a wide range of highly complex analyses as well as a modern training center. For over ten years now, HORIBA has offered its customers rig testing as a service at the site. Specially trained engineers carry out countless tests in the Test Center using state-of-the-art measurement and testing technology, thus contributing to the development of increasingly modern propulsion solutions. To meet the demands of its international customer base and of the progressively more stringent emissions legislature, HORIBA offers tests complying with European as well as international emission standards.

Outstanding Quality

In December 2015, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA (Kraftfahrtbundesamt) officially appointed the Test Centre as a testing laboratory for conducting emission measurements for passenger cars in the area of the European regulations UN-R83, UN-R84 and UN-R101. The appointment certifies the competence of the Test Center to conduct and supervise emission measurements and issue reports for type approval processes conducted by the KBA. In the approximately two-year process from making the application to appointing the Test Center, the HORIBA Test Center certified various factors such as its comprehensive quality management and its technical competence. The formal appointment underlines the high quality of the tests and is a unique selling point not shared by other free test laboratories.


Expertise through Training

HORIBA meets the highest possible demands in Oberursel, not only with its test equipment, but also with the profound expertise of its specialist staff. To sensitize its employees for the upcoming regulations and also regularly train them in the interplay of all individual components of the complex test systems, HORIBA opened a special training center last year. In Oberursel and at the Stuttgart and Darmstadt sites, four full-time trainers as well as numerous field service engineers communicate their know-how in the fields of Mechatronics, Emissions, Test Automation Systems and process and environmental technology as well as semiconductor technology.

It goes without saying that HORIBA does not use its training competence for internal purposes only. Training courses held at the HORIBA site or on the customer premises are a convincing proposition due to their balanced mixture of theory and practice. In order to achieve an optimum result, HORIBA always cooperates closely with the customer in each case when planning the content of the seminars. In addition to being trained with individual products, customers can for example come to the Oberursel Test Center to practice, in actual operation, the handling and fault diagnosis of an engine test rig equipped with fuel flow measurement and exhaust gas measurement technology and of a chassis dyno with full flow dilution system and exhaust gas measurement technology. In this way, the customer staffs are optimally prepared for operating the advanced HORIBA measurement technology, and the HORIBA experts can constantly check the state of their knowledge and develop new ideas in cooperation with customers via an exchange of experience.

HORIBA's test center
The advanced test center extends the scope at the HORIBA site in Oberursel, Germany.