OBS-ONE-PN – the next step for PEMS

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As a leading system supplier, HORIBA is always dedicated to optimizing emissions testing methods to help OEMs comply with the stringent regulations.

Since the European Commission resolved to introduce RDE testing as a mandatory procedure for the type approval of light duty vehicles by 2017, advanced measurement systems such as HORIBA’s OBS-ONE series are becoming more and more important. Recent developments reinforced the demand and the need for new test methods that provide more accurate and convincing results than the current New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) procedure does. As a result, the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) and the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test procedure will be the future standard for emissions testing.

The future of emissions testing

  • NEDC was implemented by the European Commission in 1996
  • WLTP, a laboratory test procedure, is to come into force in September 2017 to replace the NEDC for globally harmonized emission tests
  • RDE test procedure will complement WLTP to confirm results under real driving conditions


Less emissions – more clean air
With its OBS-ONE series, which it originally launched in 2014, HORIBA already offers an advanced PEMS for on-board measurement that complies with the latest regulations and draft regulations of the EU and US, making it ideally suited for RDE measurement. “At HORIBA, we are constantly improving our product portfolio to develop the best possible solutions for our customers,” said Joel Danzer, European Product Manager Emission Engineering at HORIBA Automotive Test Systems. “Our OBS-ONE series products all fulfill the highest possible quality standards and allow the accurate measurement of real driving emissions.” The different OBS-ONE system modules can facilitate the measurement of mass emissions, namely CO, CO2, NOX, NO, (NO2 by calculation), THC, CH4 (NMHC by calculation), particulate matter (PM) and total particle number (PN). The system comprises the OBS-ONE-GS and the OBS-ONE-PM unit, which were launched in 2014 and 2015 respectively, as well as its newest member, the OBS-ONE-PN unit. All of those modules employ a common interface, the HORIBA ONE PLATFORM, which offers an intuitive and adaptable solution for integrating control and management of each emission measurement device into a single controller. Additionally, this software is capable of being expanded in the future.

Outstanding Performance
Due to the very limited time frame, HORIBA first introduced a prototype of OBS-ONE-PN as an intermediate solution until the OBS-ONE-PN was ready for launching. This allowed HORIBA to show the superior performance of its cutting-edge approach while further improving its software and implementation into the OBS-ONE family. The outstanding performance and easy handling, as well as the reliable and robust operation of the system, were proven in a study carried out by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. The study investigated the feasibility of different approaches to facing the upcoming requirements of RDE legislation.

Product development followed an innovative approach using two cold dilutors, a catalytic stripper, and an improved condensation particle counter (CPC) which was optimized with regard to the laser and in terms of its stability against vibration. The first dilution, with dried and filtered dilution air, is carried out directly at the sampling point and effectively prevents the condensation of water or volatile components. Subsequently, the volatile components are oxidized in the catalytic stripper at a temperature of 350° C. After passing the second dilutor, the particles are detected and counted in the CPC. Due to its enhanced design as well as its improved temperature and flow control, the OBS-ONE-PN is the most advanced product yet designed for mobile applications. Furthermore, the company’s solution also benefits from an excellent correlation with counting systems complying with the particle measurement program (PMP), thus offering its customers a wide range of additional application possibilities such as PN indication for R&D. As the latest development based on HORIBA’s modular OBS-ONE series, the OBS-ONE-PN complies with current and future emissions legislation requirements. Developed on the basis of decades of experience in emissions measurement systems, HORIBA’s innovative technology offers OEMs a superior approach to exhaust emissions testing under real-world conditions.

HORIBA presents the new OBS-ONE-PN as the latest development of the OBS-ONE series.