HORIBA FuelCon makes a statement of intent with expansion of its facility at Barleben

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HORIBA acquires additional land for future plant expansion in response to the increasing global demand for HORIBA FuelCon products.

HORIBA FuelCon, a wholly owned German subsidiary of HORIBA and part of the HORIBA Automotive Test Systems division has announced its intent to expand its business with the acquisition of 29,000m2 of land next to its current R&D and manufacturing facility in Barleben, Germany.

HORIBA FuelCon is a leading manufacturer of battery and fuel cell test systems used for R&D, series development and production verification. With the continued migration to alternative forms of clean propulsion technologies, HORIBA FuelCon is witnessing an unprecedented demand for its technology from a range of global markets, resulting in the need for it to increase its manufacturing footprint.

Atsushi Horiba, Chairman and Group CEO, HORIBA Ltd announced “the increasing demand on vehicle manufacturers to reduce CO2 and exhaust emissions continues to encourage the automotive industry to invest in battery and fuel cell technology. HORIBA FuelCon is assisting them in overcoming the associated technical challenges through the application of our battery and fuel cell validation solutions. Increasing demand is such that we have to expand our plant to meet demand and I am very pleased to be increasing our footprint at our home in Barleben.”

With 9 years of manufacturing history at its current facility close to Magdeburg, the acquisition of prime industrial land in close proximity to the existing factory will allow for an expansion in manufacturing capacity that will result in minimal disruption to staff and customer operations. Following the sale of FuelCon to HORIBA in 2018, the FuelCon business is thriving and supporting HORIBA with its goal of helping the industry develop cleaner and more efficient vehicles.

Expansion HORIBA FuelCon
Atsushi Horiba, Chairman and Group CEO HORIBA Ltd., and Dr. Ingo Benecke, Managing Director HORIBA FuelCon, are looking forward to new investment in Barleben