How Making Screening is Easy Thanks to SPRimaging - A Label-free Molecular Interaction Analysis Technology

General overview on Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging.


HORIBA Sdentlfic's unique surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) instrument enables a large number of dlfferent label-free molecular Interactions to be monttored slmultaneously and ln parallel ln a single experlment on a single biochip. The high throughput of the system provtdes superlor capadty ln comparlson with channel­based SPR systems, allowing fast matrix experiments and analyses to be undertaken. Performing speed screening at a high throughput, XelPleX is the perfect automated system for thls need. lt allows measurement of hundreds of simultaneous antibody-antigen interactions in a mean tlme. Moreaver, biologie molecules can be analysed ln pure solution or in complex media such as cell supernatants, hybrldoma solution, cell extracts ... 

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