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An Overview of Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments, a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments, has its headquarters in England, with marketing service bases in over 40 countries worldwide. Established in 1959, the firm specializes in scientific research instruments, analyzers, semiconductor-related operations, and medical instruments. X-ray related products include X-ray analyzers, X-ray fluorescence analyzers, and a diverse lineup of other products, and the company is recognized as a world-class leader in X-ray analysis.

President: Andrew Mackintosh
No. of employees: Approx. 2,000 for the group as a whole
Location: Old Station Way, Eynsham, Witney, Oxon OX8 1TL, UK
Sales scope: 217 million pounds for the group as a whole (approx. 38 billion yen)

- X-ray analyzers
X-ray analyzers are used in combination with electron microscopes, to analyze elements in micro-area with a sample surface at the micrometer level. Samples irradiated with an electron beam produce a specific X-rays with a particular type of element, and the intensity of the X-rays is measured to analyze the element. This technology can be used effectively in a broad range of micro-field analysis applications, including scientific and chemical applications, as well as semiconductors.

- X-ray fluorescence analyzers
With these devices, fluorescent X-rays produced by irradiating a sample with X-rays are used to analyze the elements of the sample. These analyzers include wavelength dispersion models, which analyze the fluorescent X-rays based on the wavelength, along with non-dispersion models used when the light does not form a spectrum. Non-dispersion models include energy dispersion models that use a detector with a discriminating function based on energy. All of Horiba's instruments are energy dispersion types, whereas OI's instruments include both energy dispersion types and energy dispersion and wavelength dispersion instruments in combination.