HORIBA’s products offer total support in solar cell manufacturing, from utilities to waste water analysis, enabling the preservation of water resources and the environment.

Large volumes of pure water are required for cleaning in solar cell production processes. It is important to protect valuable water resources by building systems to recycle and reuse much of this water. Monitoring of waste water and disposal processes is also essential to protecting the water environment. HORIBA responds to a wide range of user needs with advanced analysis and measurement technologies, from production processes involving pure and ultra-pure water to recycling and waste water treatment and monitoring.

고감도 Silica Monitor SLIA-300

최고 감도 0.01μg/L (0.01ppb)로, 저농도의 Silica의 측정요구에 완벽이 대응합니다.

2 channel Sanitary conductivity meter HE-960CW product photo

2채널 전도도 측정기 HE-960CW는 초순수부터 2000μS/cm까지의 수질 관리로 최적인 전도도 측정기 입니다. 또한 수질 판정 기능을 가지고 있어 제약회사의 제약용수 관리로 최적입니다.