French Company Tethys Instruments SAS joins HORIBA Group

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Enhanced Capabilities/Product Lineup for System to Measure Water Quality

―The acquisition strengthens the research and development of analytical systems to measure water qualities and enhances solution proposals to the market.  We will take advantage of Tethys’s strength in UV spectroscopy which generates good synergy to HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd., that owns the electrochemical and sampling core technologies.  Furthermore, HORIBA Group company has a strong core of nondispersive infrared (NDIR), and combustion technologies.  All these consolidated core potentials allow us to provide a wider range of water and liquid analytical instruments and support.
―The acquisition enables technological development in Europe as a continent pioneering environmental solutions. The partnership will accelerate business development in both developing nations and emerging powers backed by Tethys’ highly specialized sales network.
―Together, HORIBA and Tethys will encourage new product development through a synergistic effect between their combined technologies, which will contribute to water safety and security as well as environmental conservation in global markets.


[Kyoto, Japan] – HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “HAT”), a HORIBA Group company handling the water quality measurement business, has signed to acquire Tethys Instruments SAS (hereinafter “Tethys”), a company in Grenoble, France*1 that develops, manufactures and sells equipment to measure water quality for the environment and process markets, on April 7, 2023 (Central European Time)

Business Field and Acquisition Background

The HAT water quality business provides equipment to measure water quality using electrochemical and NDIR. Through this business, HAT has spearheaded growth by capturing a high share and earning trust of the measurement industry via various water treatment processes based on the Japanese market. Aiming for further business expansion, HAT is strengthening its business capabilities in the global market based on the mission of "protecting the world's water quality."  The acquisition with Tethys broadens HORIBA’s portfolio in water and liquid measurement technologies by bringing its superior UV spectroscopic technologies under the HORIBA Group umbrella. We expect these new capabilities to accelerate the development of products with the specifications and in the price ranges suitable to the needs of customers.

In addition, the HORIBA Group to capitalize on the Tethys sales network within emerging powers and precisely grasp market needs. This will not only cultivate water quality measurement businesses in regions that really need them, but also should foster business growth that contributes to both society and the environment.

Uday Patel, President of the Tethys Instruments SAS, said, “I am very excited about the Tethys and HORIBA merger. It signifies the amalgamation of two companies that have a scientific approach to the business and also creates a bridge between two cities - Grenoble (France) and Kyoto (Japan). This partnership will foster scientific research central to the innovation and creativity which will lead to the economic growth of both cities, as well as generate a new potential for significant research and development activities in the online water and gas analyzer market.”

Kentaro Nishikata, President of the HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd, said, “We are pleased to welcome Tethys to HAT. Mr. Patel’s business operations demonstrate to us that he and his team have good ideas and business philosophies as a company providing analytical technologies and instruments.  Under it’s company motto “Joy and Fun,” HORIBA must combine and respect both cultures to contribute to industry and sustain our global environment. Tethys has their own uniquely sophisticated spectroscopic technologies and module-based product concept, which will strengthen our brand of global online water quality monitoring product lines. As a HORIBA Group company, we are very happy to have another European scientific research, development and manufacturing footprint in Grenoble as a place that has established one of the highest levels of excellence for research institutes and universities throughout the EU.”


Business Attributes and Objectives

Tethys possesses a wide range of measurement technologies founded in technologies for water quality measurements based on water ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis), such as analyzers utilizing COD, ammonia, and in addition to measurements like phosphate, turbidity, and pH. Tethys also offers its own unique modular concept wherein multiple measurement technologies can be integrated into one platform. A single device that can measure a variety of parameters simultaneously contributes to a reduction in the costs required for the water treatment processes undertaken by users. Moreover, Tethys has a highly specialized network in the growth markets of India, Southeast Asia and China.

HORIBA will capitalize on Tethys’ water quality measurement technologies and sales capabilities to accelerate business development in developing nations and emerging powers. The acquisition enables technological development in Europe as the continent pioneering environmental solutions. HAT and the rest of the HORIBA Group will promote new product development via technological synergies, such as those amassed in electrochemical, NDIR, and combustion fields. This new synergy of HORIBA and Tethys will strengthen business capabilities in a way that will contribute to water safety and security as well as environmental conservation in global markets.


About Tethys

Company name Tethys Instruments SAS
Established  2002
Location Montbonnot-Saint-Martin (Grenoble), France
President  Uday Patel
Employees 16
Business  Development, manufacturing, sales, and services related to water quality and gas analyzers


*1 Grenoble is the city located in France that has accumulated the most advanced research infrastructure. Grenoble has pioneered urban development centered upon the researchers, students, and corporate affiliates brought together at Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies (GIANT) by capitalizing on this existing wealth of advanced research infrastructure to realize a base of global intellectual exchange across industry, academia, and government.


(Left) Kentaro Nishikata, HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd. (Right) Uday Patel, Tethys Instruments SAS
Tethys Instruments SAS