XploRA: 精巧型全自动显微拉曼光谱仪



  • 操作向导功能(GO! 向导):

  • 个性化模板

  • 光谱数据库

  • 自动校准和自检功能

  • 满足CFR 规范要求

  • 编辑器
    Visual Basic Script (VBS)编辑器,用户可自行设计程序,自动进行常规实验(可选)


  • Methods Module
    Recordable methods, comprising multiple data acquisition and processing functions. Allows multi-step routines to be simply created, saved and edited. Methods can then be run with a single click, allowing multiple measurements or multiple data treatment steps to be fully automated.

  • AutoFocus and AutoExposure Functions
    The XploRA's AutoFocus and AutoExposure functions ensure that the very best results can be obtained from any sample, however skilled the operator.  AutoFocus checks and adjusts the focus of the sample beneath the microscope, whilst AutoExposure determines a suitable acquisition time to obtain a good quality spectrum.  Optimal results, every time.

  • OneCheck AutoCalibration and AutoValidation
    The OneCheck package provides hassle-free validation methods for the XploRA systems, to comply with these requirements and to ensure the most reliable results.
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  • User Accounts
    Password controlled user profiles allow only authorised users to access the software, and presents the software in their own particular configuration/layout.  Different user levels (e.g., administrator, operator and guest) control access to higher functions and maintenance modules.

  • Raman spectral libraries [OPTION]
    Comprehensive databases of Raman spectra allow fast chemical identification of unknown materials.  New databases can also be defined, and populated with spectra from the XploRA™ .
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  • AutoCAL/ AutoVAL
    Automated calibration and validation functions ensure results which are always reliable, and provide complete peace of mind that the system remains within specification.

  • Full CFR compliance
    Meets the demands of pharmaceutical and analytical software regulations.