Automotive Manufacturing

We not only manufacture exhaust gas measurement systems but also offer solutions for testing of key components such as engine, E-motor and friction brakes as well complex systems for powertrains and vehicles. In fact we go down the production chain all the way to material analysis. Moreover, we provide customers with the total support necessary for the development of the next-generation mobility solutions including electrification and technical assistance for communications and information security.

During the automotive development process a multitude of component as well as full vehicle tests are necessary in order to optimize the vehicle's behavior and comply with legislative regulations.

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Microscopic Measurement of Diffusion
Spectra taken at different depths within the polymer layer with normalized spectra.
Features and Benefits of Pulsed RF GD OES for the Characterisation of Electrodes of Li-ion Batteries.
A Li-ion battery.
Catalyst testing in automobiles and components
Catalyst testing in automobiles and components
Raman Spectroscopy Applied to the Lithium-ion Battery Analysis
Raman image LiCoO2 cathode after a cycling process.
Engine testing in automobiles and components
Engine testing in automobiles and components
Measuring vehicle emission on a chassis dynamometer
Emission measurement in test center
RDE tests on the chassis dynamometer
Test drive on test stand
Measuring fuel consumption of combustion engines on a chassis, engine and powertrain test stands
Measuring fuel consumption
Altitude Simulation on the chassis dynamometer
Altitude Simulation
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Engine testing TITAN Engine Mechatronics
Improvement of vehicle’s drag coefficient in the wind tunnel
Improvement of aeroacoustics of vehicles in the wind tunnel
Durability testing of vehicles and components on powertrain test stands
Durability testing on powertrain test stand