Evaluation and analysis play a major role in developing sustainable materials for industries.

HORIBA contributes to identify and overcome climate challenges, paving the way for a more sustainable future. The key challenges of materials science involve innovation, traceability, circularity, climate contribution, carbon neutrality, zero pollution, and decarbonization.

One of the primary focuses lies in the research and development of new materials, including polymers, metals, composites, biomaterials, carbon materials for energy, and raw materials for semiconductors.

HORIBA helps to:

  • Create materials by harnessing chemistry sustainable by design, which not only meet industry standards but also minimize adverse effects on the environment.
  • Reduce waste generation and energy consumption by streamlining manufacturing processes, ultimately contributing to overall sustainability efforts.
  • Contribute to net zero emissions by transforming captured CO2 into new materials.
  • Implement recycling solutions ensuring that materials are reused efficiently, and thus closing the loop on resource utilization.


These efforts extend across the entire material supply chain, from R&D to manufacturing and recycling.

    HORIBA provides scientists with analytical instruments, integrated solutions, and consulting services for material analysis, enhancing their understanding of material properties across industries like chemistry, energy, automotive, electronics and life sciences. For specific needs, HORIBA can develop and integrate together with you solutions into manufacturing and recycling processes.

    Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, HORIBA fosters innovation for a sustainable future, applying analysis to create solutions benefiting industry and society.



    Chemical Manufacturing

    Construction Materials

    Containers and Packaging

    Metal Powder

    Nonferrous Metals

    Nonmetallic Minerals

    Nonmetallic Minerals

    Paper, Forest Production and Manufactoring

    Primary Metals

    Material Research



    Mixture of bone and rocks

    Metal and Mining

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