CSR Related Policy and Promotion System

Approach to CSR/Sustainability

HORIBA sets forth the "HORIBA Corporate Philosophy" as our fundamental mission to continuously improve corporate value, under the company motto “Joy and Fun”. The Philosophy comprises four provisions: “Business Operation” “Customer Responsiveness” “Responsibility to Shareholders and Investors” and “HORIBARIANs”.

HORIBA Corporate Philosophy is also the sustainability policy of the HORIBA Group. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting business in line with this philosophy and aim to increase corporate value.

* Pease click here to refer the HORIBA Corporate Philosophy.

HORIBA's CSR Framework for Shaping Invisible Values

For continuous business growth, it is  vital to care non-financial values such as human resources, technologies, and HORIBA invests in these invisible values—namely, "organizational structure," "talents," "technologies," "customers," and "brand"—and performs everyday operations in accordance with the CSR framework shown below.

The relationship between invisible values and the CSR framework

The relationship between invisible values and the CSR framework

■ HORIBA's Value-creating Cycle

Please see pages 13-14 of our integrated report “HORIBA Report 2019-2020” (year ended December 31, 2019) for HORIBA's five businesses and the value-creating cycle through businesses.

■ Invisible Values

While pursuing numerical targets such as net sales and profits, HORIBA works to increase the value of its brand by carefully fostering the talents, technologies, and corporate culture that it encompasses, all of which are essential for continuous growth and act as a source for future earnings. We believe that continuing the wide range of activities in which we engage to expand our other four invisible values, which are our "organizational structure," "talents," "technologies," and "customers," leads to the trust of our customers and thus bolsters the HORIBA brand.

■ Initiatives Inspired by the CSR Framework

To enhance our invisible values, we created the CSR framework that comprises the three integral values, "Joy and Fun" (corporate motto), "Open and Fair," and "Ownership and Challenging Spirit", which form the core of HORIBA's management. The framework organizes various activities, and we are working on them accordingly. HORIBA considers these activities to be the starting point of its CSR initiatives.

NO.CSR FrameworkActivities
1Super Dream TeamBalanced management with diverse business portfolios [PDF]
Mid-Long Term Management Plan (MLMAP2023)
Human Resource Management [PDF]
2Unique products and servicesQuality
HORIBA’s Analytical and Measurement Technology [PDF]
Structure for Service Business
HORIBA Grating Technologies
3Sustainable supply chainHORIBA Procurement Policy
Green Procurement
Responsible Actions against Conflict Minerals
Business Continuity Plan
4Construction of Governance,
slim and solid internal control
HORIBA Premium Value [PDF]
Corporate Governance
Internal Controls
Integrated Management System
List of Management Members [PDF]
5Communication with internal and external stakeholdersIR activity policy
Cooperation with Suppliers
Diverse human resources (Communication)
Promoting Business Collaboration [PDF]
6Participation in society and personal growthHORIBA’s Diversity Management
Internal College (HORIBA COLLEGE)
Permission System for Side Business
Business Improvement Activities (BlackJack Project)

CSR/Sustainability System

In October 2021, the HORIBA CSR Promotion Committee developed into the Sustainability Committee in order to promote sustainability initiatives. The committee is chaired by a director and appoints the heads of related departments as members. In addition, the content of discussions at the committee will be reported to the board of directors on a regular basis by the chairman. The basic approach sustainability in the   HORIBA Group is to carry out it through our business. In the meantime, the committee will take the lead to specifically respond to the roles expected of society as a whole, including responding to climate change.

In addition, as a subordinate organization of the Sustainability Committee, HORIBA set up the ESG workshop, which is a place for cross-organizational discussions and information exchange by practitioners. With a two-way approach, which is a top-down approach by the Sustainability Committee and a bottom-up approach from ESG workshops, the HORIBA Group responds sustainability in all directions as an entire company.