Concept of Quality

In the HORIBA Group, all executives and employees are expected to make united efforts to achieve high quality and increase HORIBA’s corporate value dramatically under the motto “Joy and Fun.” Circumstances which surround the organization are changing dramatically from increasing diversification of requirements of the society and customers, globalization of economy and corporate management, diversification of technological and business environment, increasing regulations, and growing corporate social responsibilities. All stakeholders expect that HORIBA continuously achieves development in a visible way.

In order to further enhance HORIBA’s overall brand, each and every executive and employee of the company endeavors to achieve a favorable cycle of performance improvement by taking pride and ownership of their work, motivating one another to work harder, and creating unique, high-quality products that are safe and gentle to the global environment as well as services that are valuable to customers. In other words, HORIBA’s quality policy is to continuously make efforts to reduce diverse quality risks on a company-wide scale while ensuring that no nonconformity or abnormality is overlooked.