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Sulfur monitoring in Marine Oil with the SLFA in a growing environmental protection context
AN45 - Sulfur monitoring in Marine Oil with the SLFA in a growing environmental protection context Illustration
Monitoring of Sulfur in petroleum products is an important topic in the current environmental protection context. Indeed, during combustion, Sulfur will cause acid rains and particles emissions that induce environmental and health problems. If industries and vehicles emissions have been the main target of Sulfur emission control since few tens of year, the new target is the maritime navigation. In this domain, now, the level of Sulfur is regulated by the MARPOL (International convention) Annex VI. For this specific regulation, the technique and measuring range of our SLFA series is perfectly suitable to allow the fast and accurate determination of Sulfur in Marine oil. Our compact SLFA-60 can be used on board and the SLFA-6800, with its autosampler (eight positions), will enhance the productivity of the control laboratories.


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