1000M Spectrometer

With a 1000 mm focal length, this spectrometer is ideal for applications when extremely low stray light levels are required, such as in Raman fluorescence excitation or when ultra high resolution is needed for emission structure analysis.

1250M Spectrometer

The 1250M is the spectrometer of choice for highest resolution spectroscopy whether your samples are gases, semiconductors, lasers or something else.

750M Spectrometer

The 750M delivers the resolution of a typical 1.0 metre spectrometer and the throughput of a smaller instrument in a convenient package.

AccuRA transmission Raman analyzer

Fast, bulk screening of tablets, pellets and powders for QA/QC applications using transmission Raman analysis.

APDA-371 Analyseur de poussières ambiantes

L'analyseur APDA-371 mesure et sauvegarde les concentrations de particules dans l'air ambiant (mg ou µg/m3) en utilisant la technologie reconnue de l'atténuation rayon Béta.

APMA-370 Carbon Monoxide monitor

L'APMA- 370 HORIBA est un analyseur de monoxyde de carbone permettant la mesure en continu du CO dans l'air ambiant (0-100ppm) par la technique NDIR ( infra rouge non dispersif).

APOA-370 Ambient Ozone monitor

L'analyseur APOA-370 mesure en continu l'ozone (O3)  dans l'air ambiant (0-1 ppm) pour le contrôle et l'analyse de la pollution atmosphérique.

La méthode de mesure utilisée est l'absorption UV.


BHF monitor image

The CS-137 offers reliable, unobtrusive round the clock, real-time monitoring of BHF solution concentrations primarily used for wet etching in semiconductor processes.

Dissolved Ozone Monitor OZ-96

This dissolved ozone concentration monitor is able to cover a broad measuring range from low concentrations to high concentrations.



This is an oxygen and nitrogen elemental analyzer with high accuracy and repeatability suiting to cutting-edge technology's R&D as well as quality control in the market of steel, new materials, catalyst and so on. This is a new generation model optimized to fit to user's requests.