HORIBA Group Social Media Policy

HORIBA, Ltd., and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as the “HORIBA Group”) hereby stipulate as follows the approaches and actions that should be complied with for operation of the HORIBA Group’s Social Media Registered Accounts. “Social Media” refers to media by which it is possible for an individual person to transmit and/or share information and communicate to the public on a widespread scale, and includes blogs, social networking services (SNS), web forums and video-sharing sites.

  1. The purpose of the HORIBA Group Social Media Policy
    Based on its company motto of “Joy and Fun”, the HORIBA Group aims to transmit its information through Social Media by using an open and fair approach and, through communication with customers and stakeholders, to become a company that is even more loved by everyone. Specifically, we will participate in Social Media for the purposes below.
    1. Interact with customers and potential new customers
    2. Gather information from customers to improve our products or create new products
    3. Receiving valuable opinions and feedback about the HORIBA Group from stakeholders and thus gaining a deeper understanding about the values and solutions they desire
    4. Reaching even more stakeholders and informing them about the HORIBA Group’s visions and latest information concerning its products, services, and events
    5. Pro-actively communicating with stakeholders to increase their satisfaction and confidence in the HORIBA Group
  2. Matters to keep in mind when participating in Social Media
    1. For use of Social Media, the HORIBA Group will be sufficiently aware of the fact that unspecified multiple third parties can access information transmitted by users, and that it is not possible to completely retract information once it has been transmitted, and it will strive to use responsible language and actions.
    2. The HORIBA Group will be aware of the fact that information transmission and handling conducted by each individual employee on Social Media have considerable impacts in the world, and it will take care so that misunderstandings are not caused.
    3. The HORIBA Group will listen to stakeholders’ voices, without forgetting our approach of being attentive to them.
  3. Matters requested of Parties Related to HORIBA
    The HORIBA Group has stipulated guidelines, for the board members, regular employees, contract employees, part-time employees, temporarily re-hired employees, temporary employees, consigned business operators, and trainees of all of the companies of the HORIBA Group, other people who ordinarily work within a facility of the HORIBA Group, and people who use an information system of the HORIBA Group (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties Related to HORIBA”), that indicate appropriate preparation related to general use of Social Media. Not only HORIBA Group employees who operate the HORIBA Group’s Social Media registered accounts, but also Parties Related to HORIBA who use Social Media in general, are required to understand the guidelines and strive to conduct dialogue on Social Media by being responsible for their own actions.
  4. For people who will use Social Media
    The HORIBA Group’s Social Media Registered Accounts that the HORIBA Group is currently operating under can be viewed through the link below.
    • List of HORIBA Group Social Media Registered Accounts
      Information shared on Social Media by a HORIBA Group employee who operates a Registered Account is not necessarily an official announcement or opinion of the HORIBA Group. Transmission of the HORIBA Group’s official announcements and opinions is conducted through the HORIBA Group website and news releases.
  5. Inquiries
    For inquiries related to the HORIBA Group’s Social Media Policy or use of Social Media, please contact us by using the information below.

HORIBA Group Terms of Use for Social Media