Declarations of Occupational Safety

Based on the HORIBA Group Safety Declaration issued by its top management, the entire HORIBA Group sets its policy on occupational safety and is proactively engaged in initiatives to enhance occupational safety.

*The information is as of the date of release.

HORIBA Group Safety Declaration

(April 1, 2013)

Basic Principle
We strive to place the highest priority on ensuring human safety in all aspects of our business activities and also attempt to ensure product safety. HORIBA Group management members and employees as well as partner company employees are responsible for placing the highest priority on safety, regardless of profits or delivery times.

Action Guidelines
We shall act based on the following guidelines.

  1. We shall qualitatively and quantitatively analyze factors that compromise safety and make continuous improvements in order to actively promote the safety of people working at our company.
  2. We honestly recognize that there are some factors in our products that may compromise the safety of customers as well as of the employees of HORIBA and our partner companies, so we make positive, continuous efforts to improve safety.
  3. To improve safety, we comply with regulations, agreements, and conventions as well as establish our own independent standards to meet requirements.
  4. We provide various safety education programs in order to improve the knowledge, skills, sensitivities, and ability to take action of HORIBA management members and employees as well as of our partner companies' employees.
  5. We actively participate in product safety improvement activities undertaken and promoted by customers, other companies, and society at large.
  6. We keep HORIBA management members and employees as well as our partner companies' employees well informed of safety improvement activities in order to raise their safety awareness; we also release information on our safety improvement activities to the public as needed.

Chairman, President & CEO, HORIBA, Ltd.
Atsushi Horiba

Road Traffic Safety Policy

The HORIBA Group operates in strict compliance with laws and regulations, its articles of incorporation, social norms, and common sense. To realize HORIBA PREMIUM (creation of high quality value), we make each employee to recognize that serious violations, traffic fatal accidents, and serious injuries, which are especially subject to punishment, can directly lead to the crisis of the survival of the company. We declare that we will establish, implement and improve Road Traffic Safety Management System (RTSMS) to make every employee aware and prevent the occurrence of such incidents.

In addition, we will actively inform the stakeholders of the company of activities to reduce road traffic safety risks and strive to contribute to the realization of a comfortable and happy society.

  1. To realize this policy, we set objectives and targets for road traffic safety, formulate concrete measures, and promote them.
  2. We verify the effectiveness of the concrete measures for road traffic safety by implementing periodical audits to keep the PDCA cycle in place and promote continual improvement.
  3. We ensure compliance with laws and regulations, driving manners, etc. on road traffic safety.
  4. We establish a structure, system, and procedure to  assure road traffic safety continually.
  5. We disseminate this policy throughout the Group and put it on our website to inform publicly.

HORIBA Group Annual Safety and Health Management Plan

The HORIBA Group annually formulates a group annual safety and health management plan so that all employees can always work healthily and safely. In 2021, it is carrying out the plan under a policy of “ONE STEP AHEAD With Global Diverse Team: Aiming to Become a Super Dream Team.”

HORIBA Group Annual Safety and Health Management Plan for 2022

Remember the importance of physical and mental health and promote to create cheerful, vibrant workplaces under the corporate motto “Joy and Fun.”

Action Guidelines

•The HORIBA Group acts on the basis of the “Physical and Mental Health Promotion Declaration” and the “HORIBA Group Safety Declaration”.

•In order to aim for “zero occupational accidents”, we raise the level of knowledge about safety and health by implementing safety and health trainings systematically and ensuring that target employees take them.

•In order to aim for “zero traffic accidents”, we thoroughly operate HORIBA's original traffic safety management system and improve safety awareness in general traffic safety.

•For maintaining and improving mental and physical health, each and every employee focus on primary prevention, and promote the improvement of lifestyle habits and the creation of a comfortable working environment.