High performance, small device – the new HORIBA FTIR analyzer for motor exhaust gas

22 octobre 2018

HORIBA's new, highly dynamic FTIR analyzer (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer), now called FTX-ONE-CS*, offers precise and highly reliable measurements realized with an in-house FTIR spectrometer. FTX-ONE-CS, the smallest stationary FTIR analyzer, ensures a highly dynamic response at a low flow rate due to its compact gas cell and fast data sampling rate of 5 Hz. Based on the FTIR method and a multivariate analysis algorithm, the system enables users to simultaneously measure concentrations of several components in undiluted exhaust gas, including NH3, CH4, NOx, CO and CO2. At the same time, FTX-ONE-CS offers advanced self-diagnostic monitoring functions and fully automated performance verification functions.

FTX-ONE-CS is suitable in numerous fields of application including the evaluation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems and NOx trap catalyzers. Furthermore, the exhaust analysis system is compliant with the latest European legislation for the measurement of NH3 as described in Euro VI (R49) and WLTP (GTR No. 15). In addition, FTX-ONE-CS is the perfect tool for measurements in the R&D field such as the development of after-treatment systems and alcohol-based fueled engines.

Thanks to its small footprint and low energy consumption, the system significantly reduces the resource consumption of the test cell. Furthermore, FTX-ONE-CS decreases downtime to a minimum as it is fully integrated into the highly adaptable, intelligent and intuitively operating HORIBA ONE PLATFORM, which provides customers with complete system control and overview of measurement results.

* The exhaust gas analyzer was previously named MEXA-ONE-FT-CS.

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