HORIBA launches OBS-ONE-PN for analyzing solid particle concentration

19 juillet 2016

“By 2017, RDE tests will be a mandatory part of the type approval of light duty vehicles“, says Joel Danzer, European Product Manager Emission Engineering at HORIBA Automotive Test Systems. “At HORIBA, it is always our goal to help our customers to fulfil demanding regulations. With the OBS-ONE series, we offer them an ideal solution for RDE measurements.”

Innovative Design

Advanced measurement systems play a key role in complying with future emissions legislation. With the OBS-ONE-PN unit, HORIBA offers an innovative and powerful design combining two cold dilutors, a catalytic stripper for the removal of volatile particles and an optimized condensation particle counter in one compact, user-friendly housing. The modular unit can be merged with the OBS-ONE-GAS to measure the specified exhaust gas components in addition to the total particle number, along with the exhaust gas flow rate. It also records the GPS position and the atmospheric conditions such as temperature, air humidity and pressure. Furthermore, the OBS-ONE-PN’s excellent correlation to particle counting systems compliant to the proposals from the Particle Measurement Program (PMP) which correspond to the counting system offer a wide range of additional application possibilities, such as research and development.

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