Latest generation of HORIBA VULCAN offers improved performance for various vehicle types

1 février 2018

With the new chassis dynamometer VULCAN Evo, HORIBA provides an optimum performance and operability during the test procedure. The product innovation provides high accuracy and repeatability of measurement results and is suitable for a wide range of vehicle types in accordance to all international standards – from passenger cars to plug-in hybrid cars. The VULCAN Evo is a real-world driving simulator and a crucial development tool for OEMs and suppliers. On the basis of real environmental data, an even more realistic driving profile is simulated to ensure reproducibility and comparability of the measurement results. 

The chassis dynamometer VULCAN Evo is also characterized by an improved vibration level, improved bearing accessibility and provides a high power and speed option with 350 KW and 300 km/h. Automated quality checks and product diagnostics additionally contribute to the performance of the overall system.

VULCAN Evo can be supplied as either a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive test system while an auto-pilot system is also optional. It suits a wide range of vehicles as the wheel base can be adjusted at a maximum distance of 5300 mm (VULCAN Evo LDV) and 5900 mm (VULCAN Evo MDV).

The chassis dynamometer is introduced in two versions to cover vehicles of different models and weight categories. The VULCAN Evo LDV is suitable for vehicles with up to 2,500 kilograms axle load, while the VULCAN Evo MDV carries vehicles with up to 4,500 kilograms axle load.

The newly introduced Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) requires tests on the chassis dynamometer which cover harmonized accuracy limits in WLTP. With the new VULCAN Evo, HORIBA covers not only the WLTP for emission tests it is also suitable for all other developments like Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle and Performance Test, Endurance Test, Climatic and Altitude chambers.

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