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With a wide range of user-friendly features, STARS Engine can run the most complex of tests with a simple press of a button making your test operation effective and efficient and above all, reliable. STARS provides all the features you need to run a wide range of Engine Test Programs from simple manual testing to dynamic automatic tests, all from a single, simple to use user interface. STARS is designed to be run in either stand-alone operation for a single test stand or as a cluster of systems to allow a test field to be run more efficiently. In both cases the user works in the same way and uses the same interface. 

STARS keeps the central server and all other workstations in the cluster up to date with the latest information and data. This allows you to access the very latest information wherever you are and whenever you want.


  • User friendly software using modern Windows concepts
  • Efficient by using libraries and work flow technology
  • Built using Microsoft`s state-of-the-art .NET technology, maximizing product life and your investment
  • Flexible and versatile product that fits to your process
  • Powerful, designed to cater for the most complex of requirements
  • Centralised management of STARS systems and data, allowing a testing facility to be operated more effectively and efficiently
  • Globally developed product that is configured and supported locally
  • Extendable by a large number of additional systems and applications
  • Easy to learn by using familiar user interface STARS is a comprehensive solution for Engine testing
  • Powerful, real-time test schedules running up to 1KHz
  • Simple-to-use, graphical Workflows allow you to run the most complex of tests by simply pressing a button
  • Multi-level limit alarms
  • Multiple data loggers running up to 1KHz
  • Controllable user interaction and selection during a test
  • Flexible display pages
  • Single Test Stand or Test Field operation
  • User definable project structure with multiple library support
  • Advanced application suites such as the Heavy Duty Engine Emissions Test Suite or the Light Duty Exhaust Emissions Test Suite   

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