Participating in India's Automotive Development Project by Providing Measurement Technologies

4 septembre 2009

Engine Emission Measurement Systems to be Delivered en masse to Government Authorized R&D Centers

HORIBA, Ltd. has had a bulk order for vehicle/engine emission measurement systems from an India’s national project which will develop the domestic automotive industry, which is named the “National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP)”1. The total order amounts will be approximately 1.4 billion yen. The systems are to be installed as research/testing facilities at four R&D and testing centers out of six, which will be established in India to promote the nation's automotive industry as a leading industry next to the IT. Our measurement technology is expected to significantly contribute to the development of the Indian automobiles that have a lower impact on the global environment.

Background of NATRiP and its Importance in India

India, one of the BRICs, has been coming to the fore as a new developing economy since the mid-1990s with IT as its core industry. For the next step, the Government of India has positioned the automotive industry to be the second leading industry in the country.

The NATRiP has been established by the Indian Government based on such a national strategy, to make the automotive industry world-class and gain competitiveness in the global market with new core technologies. This project aims not only at fostering the automotive industry but also at promoting the growth of related industries, e.g., electric power, construction, steel, and materials. The project is extremely important for India from the viewpoint of strengthening national power.

The NATRiP plans on establishing six R&D and testing centers that have a wide variety of research/testing facilities, from part/engine evaluation instruments to driving test courses. The Indian Government will invest more or less 40 billion yen in the overall budget of these facilities. By improving the infrastructure for the automotive industry with such a large investment, India may aim at promoting the domestic automotive industry to show its presence in the global market, which now faces a turning point.

HORIBA and the Indian Automotive Industry

Since the 1980s when a Japanese automotive manufacturer set up the first joint venture with a local manufacturer in India, HORIBA has been taking a role in the growth of the Indian automotive industry by being a major supplier of vehicle emission measurement systems. We also have delivered our systems to the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI)2 and International Center for Automotive Technology (iCAT), which are both authorized vehicle testing organizations and will take part in the NATRiP as the R&D centers. HORIBA is regarded as the top brand in the category of emission measurement, with a market share of 80% in India. To enhance our after-sales services for our Indian customers, HORIBA established HORIBA India private limited in 2006.

Order from NATRiP

HORIBA is awarded a bulk order for vehicle/engine emission measurement systems that will be newly introduced to the R&D centers of the NATRiP. The total order amounts will be approximately 1.4 billion yen. We believe that the NATRiP selected us to join the project, certainly based on the comprehensive evaluation on the price, performance of our measurement systems, the operating rate of our systems already delivered and installed worldwide, and strong brand-name built with complete after-sale services, and capability of quick response through our local company.



1: National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) is a national project to establish six automotive R&D and testing centers in India. Its objective is to develop and foster world-class, automobile core technologies and expertise for secondary industries.

2: Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is one of the automobile certification organizations authorized by the Government of India.

3: HORIBA India Private Limited

  • Employees: 30
  • Established: September 2006
  • Business lines: Product sales, after-sale services