HORIBA Receives Customer Accolades After Qualifying the Advanced POCl3 Bubbler and Refill System

9 juillet 2015

HORIBA, global leader in the accurate and repeatable delivery of process fluids has received accolades from two of the world’s largest photovoltaic cell manufacturers after successfully qualifying systems in Europe and Asia.

“It has been a great challenge for us to prove to the Photo Voltaic market that a system solution could represent a huge cost benefit, but now our POCl3 delivery system is being used in over 120 furnace tubes and our customers are excited” said Stuart Knight, Director, HORIBA UK Ltd.

One satisfied customer commented “The main advantage is the elimination of the 1 litre quartz vessels, now my POCl3 is delivered in 20 litre ETFE lined stainless steel canisters. Also the new larger canisters can be switched without process interruption and knowing that my POCl3 bubbler vessel is always 60% full, we are assured of process stability around the clock”.

The HORIBA Advanced Bubbler and Automatic Refill System represents the latest in applications-based technology solutions from HORIBA. The system was featured in a customer-written report which is available on request from hil.semi@horiba.com.