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28 février 2014 - High Resolution, High Sensitivity and Stability For the Most Challenging Applications

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28 février 2014 - XploRA™ PLUS is Perfect for use in multi-sample and multi-user research and analytical environments

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11 février 2014 - Acquisition extends HORIBA’s global leadership position in the fluorescence spectroscopy market

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Ramanfest 2014

9 janvier 2014 - Current State of Advanced Applied Raman Spectroscopy is Key Focus HORIBA Scientific (HORIBA), the global leader in Raman spectroscopy systems, is proud to announce that they are sponsoring this year’s RamanFest, an...

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New Vs-7000 Mini-Ccd

7 janvier 2014 - New e-Shutter offers exposures as short as 4 microseconds. HORIBA Scientific, global leader in OEM Grating and Spectrometer systems, is announcing its new electronic shutter CCDs and electronics, which fit on the...

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