Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) Icon

For advanced users seeking high level customization and automation, LabSpec 6 offers integrated script editors and ActiveX compatibility.

Visual Basic Scripting (VBS)

The integrated Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) editor can be used to create customized scripts which access nearly all functions available to a standard user within the interface – in combination with the standard VBS commands and functions it offers a real programming capability directly within LabSpec 6.

The library of LabSpec 6 objects for VBS include functions to set parameters/values within the interface (i.e., to set up measurement conditions), and acquire, process and display data. In addition, the native VBS functions such as logical decisions, looping, waiting etc, allow scripts to be generated which can encompass complete experiment protocols, with feedback of results and adjustment of parameters through the experimental process.

Visual Basic Scripting (VBS)
Figure 1: screen shot showing LabSpec 6’s integrated VBS editor


ActiveX offers a framework for re-using software components in a manner which is independent of the original programming-language. Relating to LabSpec 6, it allows the core functionality of LabSpec 6 to be integrated into third party software, including its hardware control, data acquisition and data processing capabilities.

Uses of ActiveX can vary, from basic examples such as allowing native LabSpec 6 data files to be directly imported by third party software, through to more complex scenarios such as lab automation projects. LabSpec 6’s ActiveX components allow the HORIBA Raman system to be fully controlled via the automation software – the programmer needs no in-depth knowledge of LabSpec 6 or its programming language. Knowledge in ActiveX, coupled with full documentation on specific LabSpec 6 ActiveX components, allows fast and complete programming that can exploit the full capabilities of LabSpec 6 and HORIBA’s cutting edge Raman systems.