Correlate Multiple Modalities with Ease

graphYX™ is a software app which enhances display (colors, contrast, brightness…) and superimposes the position of the several layers composing your image into a traceable workflow. It also includes sharing tools to streamline collaborative work and publishing functionalities to save your time generating papers and reports.
Combine graphYX™ with nanoGPS navYX™ to quickly relocate your sample's points of interest, overlap map data and obtain the ultimate tool for correlated microscopy.


事业部: 科学仪器
产品分类: 拉曼光谱仪
制造商: HORIBA France SAS

Powered by the renowned Digital Surf Mountains software, graphYX™ has been fine-tuned to facilitate every single step of your image processing routine.

User benefits of graphYX™ include:
  • Image process & enhancement
  • Speed up your work with analysis templates
  • Colocalization of images and spectral maps coming from
    • A single instrument (MVA, evolution of a product in time, kinetics…)
    • Or multiple instruments (SEM, AFM, Raman, µFTIR, EDS, SEM-CL…)
  • Process, enhancement & composition of spectral maps
  • Combine data sets into analysis reports
  • Manage and keep track of your work with the analysis workflow tool
  • Step-by-step overview
  • Full traceability of data processing
  • Update any step, any time

graphYX™ application is included into the Correlative microscopy package.
graphYX™ app is available in the LabStore of LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Software Suite and requires a license to be activated.

Co-localized microscopy techniques for pyrite mineral spatial characterization
Co-localized microscopy techniques for pyrite mineral spatial characterization
In this study we have chosen to investigate pyrite and its surrounding minerals in order to identify the different mineral phases as well as the chemical variations from micro- to nano-scale. Using the different microscopes instruments and being co-localized allows a comprehensive characterization of the sample and a precise superimposition of all the images.


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