HandScope Xenon FLS

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The Brightest Battery Powered FLS Available

The introduction of this new battery or AC powered unit finally allows small Police Dept's or Crime Scene units to buy a low cost forensic light source, while maintaining high performance with an unmatched number of filters.

The unit is configured with a unique set-up with 12 Filters spread over two 7-positions wheels which allow the output of 13 primary wavelengths.

The "STATE OF THE ART" in low cost battery powered forensic light sources.


The HandScope® Xenon is the only battery powered instrument allowing one hand operation. That is the ability to DIRECT AND SELECT the wavelength of light with one hand. Utilizing thumbwheels, the instrument incorporates the filters in a protective housing that allows the user to hold the unit and switch wavelengths with one hand.

Other units require a second hand or the disassembly of the unit to change the wavelength.

Only the HandScope® allows this ONE-HAND operation.

One Hand Operation = Convenience and Quick Crime Scene Searches. Ease of Use is not a luxury, it is a Necessity!

The HandScope® Xenon is the only battery powered instrument available with 13 wavelengths for superior background rejection.

The HandScope® Xenon has the most uniform, Coherent Spot on the market.

Uniformity of Spot = Quality Photography.

The HandScope® is 75% brighter than its nearest competitor.

It has twice the number of wavelengths

The HandScope® Xenon features a Xenon lamp powered either by the power supply or the included rechargeable battery.


The HandScope® Xenon contains a main lamp housing unit with internal 12V cooling fan, handle on top and tripod mount on bottom

  • adjustable collimator for the front allowing to get a uniform round illumination from various distances.
  • 2 x 7 position filter wheels, integrated in the lamp housing, with wavelength display for each position, and with wavelength combination capability.
  • Set of four goggles: (1) yellow, (1) orange and (1) red, (1) UV Clear. Set of 4 longpass filters: Two 62mm diameter RED camera filters and two 62mm diameter ORANGE camera filters.
  • 110V or 220V AC Power Supply.
  • Battery Charger.
  • Rechargeable 12V battery (45 minutes use per charge).
  • Rugged metal (Aluminum finish) Carrying case with custom cut foam.
  • Manual 14 Position capability:
    13 Primary Wavelengths for searching and photography: UV / 415 / 450 / 475 / 495 / 515 / 535 / 555 / 575 / SP575 / 600 / CSS / WHITE

Fabriqué par HORIBA Scientific



  • Extra 12V batteries.
  • Extra goggles + Carrying bag
  • Spare Xenon lamp
  • HandScope® Xenon is the perfect companion for its more sensitive cousin, the MCS-400, at crime scene areas where AC power or Generators are not available.

Compact packaging, with unmatched intensity and number of wavelengths!

Flexible design - No cumbersome manual interchange of filters as in other battery powered units.