HORIBA Scientific Launches Innovative And Cost Effective Microscope Optical Spectrometer

5 septembre 2013


New MicOS flexible microspectrometer solution targeted for luminescence measurement needs

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in optical spectroscopy equipment, is pleased to launch MicOS, its newest microspectrometer. This instrument incorporates the latest technology in spectroscopy and software to deliver high performance with unequalled capabilities at an attractive price.

MicOS is a fully integrated and flexible microspectrometer that combines a versatile microscope head directly coupled to a triple-grating imaging spectrometer, and a research grade scientific camera. The entire package is controlled by HORIBA’s state-of-the-art LabSpec software. 

The innovative design of the MicOS makes it compatible over a wide spectral range covering UV-Visible and NIR (200 nm to 1600 nm), allowing the characterization of different types of materials, such semiconductor and biological samples.

The unique design of the microscope head includes an embedded digital imaging camera, allowing direct viewing of the sample for accurate measurements.  Additionally, the user is able to configure MicOS either as a down-looking microspectrometer for mapping of samples, or as side-looking microspectrometer, for samples mounted inside an upright cryostat for temperature controlled measurements. 

The excitation source is directly fiber-coupled to the MicOS microscope head. The choice of the wavelength for the laser is virtually unlimited as the user can simply replace any dispersive optics, such as a dichroic mirror, in order to match the excitation wavelength. Unlike most of the microspectrometers on the market, where the optics is already preconfigured for a specific wavelength, MicOS offers the user a level of unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

“We understand that coupling a microscope to a spectrometer is not always the most optically efficient or easy thing to do,” said Dr. Francis Ndi, Application Scientist at HORIBA Scientific, developer of the MicOS system.  “MicOS offers all the capabilities of a high end microspectrometer with superior flexibility and at a fraction of the cost.”

MicOS is the perfect tool for photoluminescence, electroluminescence, and photo-reflectance measurements at the microscopic level.  MicOS is simple to use and provides unmatched spectral data quality at a very attractive price.

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