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The performance capability of the UVISEL Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometers can be extended with the integration of the VIP Spectroscopic Reflectometer.

The accuracy of phase modulated ellipsometer is useful in the 1st phase of R&D and process development where the determination of absolute values of physical parameters (eg film thickness, optical data, composition) and film structures (eg surface roughness, interface, gradient, anisotropy) are crucial to create the necessary performance of the final device.
And in the 2nd phase of quality control of production processes, the VIP spectroscopic reflectometer is able to provide very fast and reproducible control of thickness, optical constants and reflectivity properties of thin films and patterned materials as small as 10µm.
Advanced automation features for use in production environments include precision motorized sample stage, high speed autofocus and robust pattern recognition software.

The UVISEL VIP is controlled by the DeltaPsi2 software platform that is common to all HORIBA Jobin Yvon thin film metrology tools. The engineer mode of the software provides ellipsometric and reflectometric data acquisition, modelling and reporting capabilities. Fully automatic thin film analysis are performed via push-button recipes. Results include display of mapping on semiconductor wafer and glass panels, statistical analysis of data, import/export package function, and data reprocessing capabilities.
The UVISEL VIP is the ideal thin film metrology platform for process development and industrial quality control for demanding photovoltaic, FPD, semiconductor, flexible electronics and optoelectronic applications.


Product benefits

  • Combined spectroscopic ellipsometer and reflectometer
  • Fast film uniformity mapping
  • 10µm spot size
  • Fully integrated software for ellipsometry and reflectometry analysis for engineering and production

Obtained information

  • Thin film thickness from 1Å to 30 µm
  • Surface and interface roughness
  • Optical constants (n,k)
  • Derived optical data such as: absorption coefficient α, optical bandgap Eg
  • Reflectance

Fabriqué par HORIBA Scientific


UVISEL Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

  • Spectral range: from 190 to 2100 nm
  • Spot size: 0.08 – 0.1 – 1 mm (pinhole)
  • Detection: Scanning monochromator, or Real-time spectral acquisition using high sensitivity, wide dynamic range PMT detectors

VIP Spectroscopic Reflectometer

Spectral range*




Spot size*




Working distance








  • Visual inspection: CCD camera
  • Detection: CCD 2048 – Resolution <2 nm
  • Automation features: 200mm and 300mm XYZ sample stage, autofocus, pattern recognition
  • Repeatability: NIST 2000Å SiO2/Si: ±0.15%

*A larger spot size enables a larger spectral range, feel free to contact us to describe your needs at tfd-sales-sci.fr @horiba.com