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14 septembre 2015 - HORIBA Scientific announces the release of the new ProtectionPlus module for the acclaimed LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite. The fully integrated module seamlessly adds a layer of security and data integrity controls that enable...

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7 septembre 2015 - Come and listen to the presentation that will be given at the 20th International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass...

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7 septembre 2015 - New high density, low energy sputtering plasma enables depth profiling and fast analysis HORIBA Scientific, global leader in plasma profiling, announces the release of their new Ultra Fast Depth Profiling TOFMS. This...

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7 septembre 2015 - New analytical solution brings nanoscale chemical imaging to new levels of ease and automation. HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman spectroscopy solutions, announces an innovative solution that addresses the...

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27 août 2015 - On July 14, 2015, the NEW HORIZONS probe flew over and sent pictures of the planet Pluto, and its satellite Charon, revealing information about their geology, their surface and atmosphere. Pictures of mountains show this...

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28 juillet 2015 - Regardez cette vidéo et découvrez une nouvelle technique de caractérisation des matériaux. Comprenez comment il est possible d’obtenir en quelques minutes la distribution en profondeur des éléments pour de nombreux matériaux....

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1 juillet 2015 - During May and June HORIBA participated in and co-hosted the latest RamanFest conference in Xiamen, China, and the RamanFest satellite meeting in Kyoto, Japan. These meetings provided an ideal forum for researchers to hear...

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