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Miniature High Throughput Spectrometer

HORIBA designs and manufactures miniature high-throughput OEM spectrometers from 190 nm to 1700 nm for various applications. Thanks to a low stray light aberrations corrected concave holographic grating, the VS20-SYS platform offers in a 1.68 x 1.87 x 2 inches footprint a very reliable and robust spectrometer.

VS20 OEM spectrometers can be fully customized in sensors, entrance, slit size, electronics board, interface, etc. 

For OEM Industrial Applications

  •  Fluorescence
  •  Transmission and Reflectance
  • Examples:
    • Semiconductor Process Inspection
    • LED Testing
    • Color Measurement
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Food & Beverage Safety


*Available in select countries.

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US(at)horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733

事業部: Scientific
製造商: HORIBA Scientific
  • Very compact and robust
  • Cost effective OEM solution
  • Mass production capability
  • Various wavelength ranges UV/VIS/VNIR/NIR
  • Low stray light
  • Customizable to customers'requirement


Quantum Efficiencies


OEM Spectrometer Selection Guide

View and Download our OEM Spectrometer Selection Guide

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US(at)horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733



General Spectrometer Specifications
Spectral Coverage390 – 770 nm extending to UV or NIR range is possible upon request
Spectrometer Resolution<4 nm with 50 μm slit width (Narrower slits available)
Spectral Dispersion56.51 nm/mm (in average); 0.44 nm/pixel
Focal Length20 mm
OptionsSelection of different high grade sensors : CMOS-APS*, CMOS-PPS** (PDA), optional
CCD on request
Input port: SMA, other options available upon request
F/#~ F/2.7
Wavelength Accuracy<0.4 nm (using multi-area wavelength calibration)
Stray Light< 0.15%
SoftwareLabVIEW™ acquisition software for initial evaluation (DLLs provided for software integration)


Detector Options and Specifications
Detector TypeHamamatsu CMOS-APS linear image sensor
S13014N with active pixel structure and global
Other detector options
such as CMOS-PPSs
with passive pixel structure
and full well up to several
100,000,000 e– and back
illuminated CCDs available
upon request.
See some options in the
table below.
Detector Sensor Format512 x 1 pixels
Detector Pixel Size14 μm x 200 μm
Detector QErefer to graphs below
Full Well Capacity100,000 e¯ (typical)
80,000 e¯ (minimum
Readout Noise16 e¯ (typical) to
20 e¯ (maximum)
Maximum Spectral Rate44 spectra/s
Dynamic Range (FW/RN)7053:1
Non-linearity<1% (corrected)
Dark Current375 e¯/pixel/s (typical)
500 e¯/pixel/s (maximum)
CommunicationUSB 2
Environmental ConditionsOperating temperature 0°C to 40°C ambient
Relative humidity <70% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature -25° C to 45° C
Power Requirements
AC/DC Power Supply (provided)
90-264 VAC, 47–63 Hz


Some CMOS-PDA Options (other sensors available upon request)
Sensor typeS10113-256NS8378-256NS9226N-03S9227N-03
Pixel format 25μm (W) x 500μm (H)
x 256 pixels
25μm (W) x 500μm (H)
x 256 pixels
7.8μm (W) x 125μm
(H) x 1024 pixels
12.5μm (W) x 250μm
(H) x 512 pixels
Detector QErefer to graphs below   
Linear Full Well (e-)~94M e- (typical)~43M e- (typical)~1.9M e- (typical)~3M e- (typical)
Readout Noise (e-)5200 e¯ (typical)3370 e¯ (typical)390 e- (typical)290 e- (typical)
Spectrometer housing will be slightly different depending on CMOS-PDA options

*Specifications, form factor, and spectrometer cover subject to change without notice. No LabVIEW™ license is needed to run our acquisition software.
*APS stands for active pixel sensor CMOS (buried PD, high sensitivity similar to CCD)
**PPS stands for passive pixel sensor CMOS (surface PD, large full well capacity - replaces NMOS-PDAs)


Quantum Efficiencies


Mechanical Drawings

Download Mechanical Drawings

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US(at)horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733



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