Particle Size Distribution Analyzer LA-920

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Particle size distribution analyzers, which determine both the size of particles and their state of distribution, are used for the production control of powders in such fields as ceramics, chemistry, and foodstuffs. The LA-920, enhanced to offer the quality-control function greater support, allows its users flexibility in selecting the format of a test's resulting quality-control report: including ISO9000 and the GLP and GMP formats of the Medicinal Product Manufacturing Standards. Furthermore, in addition to analyzing the sub-0.1 micron particle sizes commonly being handled by particle size distribution analyzers, the LA-920 also handles particles of up to two millimeters in diameter-over twice the conventional maximum size.


  • The product conforms with quality-control standards such as ISO9000 GLP, and GMP, producing and printing reports customized for each customer's quality-control activities.
  • By utilizing HORIBA's proprietary optical system and a high-output centrifugal pump, the LA-920 can measure particles that range from 0.02 to 2000 microns in size-the broadest range in the industry-without a change in lenses.
  • Sample scattering and cohesion can be monitored in real time.
  • With the optional dry powder feeder, dry powders can be measured directly.
  • A newly designed ring-shaped detection device and a 12-unit detection device-whose combined capacity of 87 detectors is more than four times higher than that of its predecessor-are able to check particle size distribution patterns across a wide scope. The LA-920 also has an increased capacity to separate adjacent particles.
  • An auto-alignment function alleviates the need to make optical adjustments manually, resulting in enhanced maintainability. The LA-920 always operates in its optimal state, allowing for ease in recreating analyses.
  • With newly developed security features, the LA-920's functional applications can be determined by user type, allowing the activation and deactivation of different functions when used by measuring and quality-control personnel and researchers. The result is enhanced data management and security. (planned for release in June 1997)
  • With print preview functionality, quality-control and inspection reports can be created with a touch of a button.
  • Sample distribution and cohesion can be checked in real-time and at a glance on the LA-920's monitor.
  • Optionals include the Reservoir Unit (LY-201), Auto Sampler (LY-202), Fraction Cell Holder (LY-203), Dry Powder Feeder (LY-208) (planned for release in June 1997), and the Paste Method Cell/Cell Holder.

Fabriqué par HORIBA


Measurement principle

Mie scattering theory

Particle diameter

0.02µm ~ 2000µm

Measurement time

20 seconds under normal conditions (from commencement of analysis to display of result)

Measurement method

manual flow cell measurement, manual batch cell measurement (requires optional unit LY-203), automatically adjusting sample density measurement (requires Reservoir Unit LY-201), and auto-sampling measurement (requires automatic dilution unit LY-201 and Auto Sampler LY-203).

Materials measured

ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, electronic materials, etc.

Required sample volume

0mg-5g (in flow cell measurement, appropriate volume differs depending on sample)

Dispersion medium

200 ml (when using flow cell)

Measuring volume

Optics/light source: He-Ne laser (632.8 nm) 1mW, 50W tungsten lamp
Detectors: 1 silicon photo diode divided into 75 sections on the ring detector, with 12 additional silicon hot diodes. A 30W, 22.5 KHZ (ultrahigh frequency probe) Circulation/scattered ultrahigh frequency bus enables multilevel settings on the centrifugal pump (2nm cloudburst circulation is possible). With water, flow cell Tempax glass.

Operating temperature and humidity

5°C-35°C, 85% RH or less (but below the dew point)

Electrical Current

AC100/120/220/240V, 50/50Hz, 500VA


690 (W) x 525 (D) x 355 (H) mm


60 Kg

Data processing and instrument control

PC: Japanese Windows 95 compatible IBM PC/AT type machine
Printer: Japanese Windows 95-compatible
Monitor: Japanese Windows 95 compatible.

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