Post-Earthquake Support

HORIBA’s radiation monitors have long been provided for use in environmental education, such as science education, at junior high schools, but since the Great East Japan Earthquake, many people have also used them to measure radiation levels in the environment as a means to ensure their own safety.
At present, 59 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture use Radi, an environmental radiation monitor, and some 1,300 units are in use in Fukushima City alone. In order to ensure that all people can properly use the monitor, HORIBA not only sells Radi but also explains the necessity of calibration and holds classes on radiation at elementary schools in Fukushima City, thus steadily conveying the importance of obtaining correct measured values and understanding such values properly.

Korean Employees Volunteer to Produce Kimchee*

Each year, 30 to 40 employees from HORIBA STEC Korea, Ltd. volunteer to produce kimchee at a welfare facility near the company’s office. They work with neighbors to produce kimchee and deliver it directly to about 80 households consisting of elderly living alone and low income earners. Many employees experience the joy of helping their neighbors upon seeing the happiness of the kimchee recipients.

*kimchee: a traditional fermented Korean dish