In addition to the Physical and Mental Health Promotion Declaration and the HORIBA Group Safety Declaration issued by top executives, HORIBA has adopted a policy of “promoting physical and mental health to create comfortable, vibrant workplaces” as one pillar of its Integrated Management System, including OHSAS 18001 certification (for occupational safety and health). All HORIBA Group companies actively engage in occupational safety and health initiatives.

*The information is as of the date of release.

Physical and Mental Health Promotion Declaration
(May 7, 2012)

To stay true to the “Joy and Fun” motto, the HORIBA Group promotes its employees' physical and mental health in order to help them live fulfilling lives with a sense of purpose in both life and work as well as to realize comfortable and lively workplaces.

Chairman, President & CEO, HORIBA, Ltd.
Atsushi Horiba

Physical and Mental Health Promotion Action Guidelines
(May 7, 2012)

In order to put into practice the Physical and Mental Health Promotion Declaration, the HORIBA Group works to promote three types of prevention and implement four healthcare measures based on the Code of Ethics, the Health and Safety Regulations, the Healthcare Regulations, and so forth.

■ Promotion of Three Types of Prevention

Primary prevention: Promote physical and mental health; prevent illnesses and injuries. The HORIBA Group promotes efforts to create vibrant workplaces by enlivening communication among employees through unique initiatives and events.

Secondary prevention: Take measures for early detection and treatment of illnesses/injuries; prevent development of serious symptoms. The Group works with the health insurance union and external partner organizations to provide education and establish a system that allows employees to seek healthcare advice with a sense of security.

Tertiary prevention: If unfortunately an employee becomes sick or injured, the healthcare staff members in the employee's workplace and outside the company will keep the sickness or injury confidential and strive with all their might to ensure the person does not become sick or injured again after returning to work, thereby minimizing the negative impact on the employee and his or her workplace.

PDCA: HORIBA's health promotion divisions collaborate with the HORIBA Group's Safety and Health Committee to set medium-term targets, and develop action plans for the primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and indicators to measure the effectiveness of the plans. The divisions evaluate the achievement of the indicators and reflect evaluation results in new action plans.

■ Enhancement of Four Healthcare Measures

Self-care: Each employee pays attention to his/her level of health and stress, quickly and appropriately dealing with any unwelcome health conditions.

Line care: Managers focus on establishing free, open, reasonable, and consistent work environments without waste and paying attention to the work-life balance and health of their subordinates and other concerned parties on a daily basis to facilitate early detection of those in poor condition.

Care by internal health management staff: Internal health management staff members provide necessary information and advice to promote self-care and line care as well as help each employee to safeguard their health.

Care by outside experts: The HORIBA Group works with outside expert organizations such as EAP services to operate a system that allows employees to easily seek necessary information and advice to solve problems in their lives and safeguard their health; inquiries are kept confidential.

Work-life balance: Physical and mental health is not only the foundation of the workplace but also of the family and community. The HORIBA Group is stepping up its efforts to implement four healthcare measures while simultaneously striving to help each employee achieve work-life balance and, together with the employee and his or her family, safeguard health.

Chairman of the Group Safety and Health Committee
Managing Director, HORIBA, Ltd.
Fumitoshi Sato

HORIBA Group Safety Declaration

HORIBA Group Safety Declaration
(April 1, 2013)

Basic Principle

We strive to place the highest priority on ensuring human safety in all aspects of our business activities and also attempt to ensure product safety. HORIBA Group executives and employees as well as partner company employees are responsible for placing the highest priority on safety, regardless of profits or delivery times.

Action Guidelines

We shall act based on the following guidelines.

  1. We shall qualitatively and quantitatively analyze factors that compromise safety and make continuous improvements in order to actively promote the safety of people working at our company.
  2. We honestly recognize that there some factors in our products that may compromise the safety of customers as well as of the employees of HORIBA and our partner companies, so we make positive, continuous efforts to improve safety.
  3. To improve safety, we comply with regulations, agreements, and conventions as well as establish our own independent standards to meet requirements.
  4. We provide curricula for various safety education programs in order to improve the knowledge, skills, sensitivities, and ability to take action of HORIBA executives and employees as well as of our partner companies' employees.
  5. We actively participate in product safety improvement activities undertaken and promoted by customers, other companies, and the public at large.
  6. We keep HORIBA executives and employees as well as our partner companies' employees well informed of safety improvement activities in order to raise their safety awareness; we also release information on our safety improvement activities to the public as needed.

Chairman, President & CEO, HORIBA, Ltd.
Atsushi Horiba