The HORIBA Group annually formulates a group annual safety and health management plan so that all employees can always work healthily and safely. In 2017, it is carrying out the plan under a policy of “ONE STEP AHEAD With Global Diverse Team: Aiming to Become a Super Dream Team.”

HORIBA Group Annual Health and Safety Management Plan for 2017


Remember the importance of physical and mental health and work to create cheerful, vibrant workplaces under the company slogan,“ Joy and Fun.”

Action Guidelines

  • The HORIBA Group put the Physical and Mental Health Promotion Declaration and the HORIBA Group Safety Declaration into practice.
  • To reduce the number of work-related accidents to zero, the HORIBA Group strives to provide systematic health and safety training to all employees who need it so that they obtain more knowledge about health and safety.
  • To reduce the number of accidents in which company cars are involved, the HORIBA Group strives to eliminate dangerous driving through business vehicle operation management and making the most of drive recorders.
  • To maintain employee health, the HORIBA Group strives to maintain and improve its comfortable work environment.