Safety Management

Inspection by top management
Inspection by top management
Forklift operation training
Forklift operation training
Safe driving lecture
Safe driving lecture

1. Employee Injury Prevention Programs

  • Established HORIBA Safety Enhancement Week held in tandem with National Safety Week and conducted inspections by top managers of suppliers and official commendation of risk assessment promotion activities.
  • Participate in "Anzen* Project" of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare since 2014.
  • Developed and relocated operation bases (headquarters area, Advanced Technology Center and Biwako Factory), transferred the analysis business (from HORIBA, Ltd. to HORIBA Techno Service Co., Ltd.), and submitted notifications and bolstered safety measures upon consolidating the water quality measurement businesses within the group.
  • Provided training to enhance safety management of handling chemical substances, X-ray equipment, lasers, high-pressure gases, electricity, low-voltage electricity, and forklift operation. 7 training courses were attended by 764 employees in total.
  • Increased safety management programs targeting supervisors [e.g. supervisor training (overnight program at HORIBA training facility) and new leader training]
  • Provided training for newly hired employees: all-day training focusing exclusively on health and safety, including workplace safety inspections.

*Anzen: a Japanese word which means “safety”

2. Traffic Safety Programs

  • Officially commended excellent drivers for safe driving.
  • Increased individual employee training for those at risk of causing accidents.
  • Applied HORIBA’s vehicle driving control system to company cars and utilized the resulting data.
  • Improved the company regulation (for those who commute to work by bike)
  • Stepped up driving management through healthcare support including screening tests for sleep apnea syndrome.
  • Established internal regulations on business-use rental cars.
  • Held lectures on safe driving that included an automobile course attended by 591 employees; a motorcycle course attended by 107 employees; and a bicycle course attended by 372 employees.
  • Conducted driving aptitude tests for newly hired employees.
  • Implemented measures to undergo examinations to renew the ISO39001 (road traffic safety) certification. 

Occupational Health Programs

1. Working environment control
2. Health Promotion
3. Prevention of mental health problems

  • Enhanced management of harmful substances and other potentially hazardous chemicals by taking action to meet requirements under revised laws and revising related internal regulations/standards.
  • Submitted notifications and attended onsite checks accompanying the developing and relocating of operation bases as well as the transferring and consolidating of businesses
  • Enhanced the integrated health checkup (e.g. providing gynecological exams for free and arranging a mammography van at the time of a health checkup at the office)
  • Increased health promotion support for remote employees (e.g. providing standardized financial support throughout the country for complete medical checkups to replace integrated health checkups, increasing designated health checkup venues, providing general health guidance and specific health guidance by in-house occupational health specialists based on the checkup results, and providing health education)
  • Established a health care system such as establishing a health care office in conjunction with the improvement of the Biwako Factory.
  • Implemented a physical and mental health promotion project which are cross-sectional activities involving general affairs, human resources, health insurance unions, welfare-related companies, OHSAS 18001 administration and operation units, labor unions, occupational health staff members, and EAP*.
  • Carried out “Health Up Challenge 2016,” a health promotion activity in which 188 employees participated and held a “Work Engagement Seminar” as an opening event.
  • Provided training that included hands-on agricultural experiences.
  • Held a health improvement seminar (to employees with a BMI of 25 or higher)
  • Provided mental health training designed for foremen and young workers.
  • Provided occupational health education for back trouble, VDT, and hazardous substance handling. 7 lectures were attended by 753 employees in total.
  • Supported female workers by offering seminars, email counseling, diagnosis and treatment on holidays by gynecologists.
  • Implemented in-house influenza reporting rule and bolstered influenza preventive measures
  • Conduct periodic stress check tests for employees since 2013, two years earlier than legally required.
  • Provided internal counseling using EAP effectively.
  • Communicated health information through internal company bulletins and the corporate intranet.

*EAP: Employee Assistance Program


AED life-saving training
AED life-saving training
Smoke-house experience
Smoke-house experience
  • Supported relief supply transportation to Aso Factory damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake on April 14, 2016
  • Checked the contents, amount and storage method of emergency supplies at all operation bases
  • Carried out “HORIBA Group Disaster Prevention Week 2016”: general disaster prevention drills such as earthquake experiences using an earthquake generator and smoke-house experiences, and confirmation of disaster response systems using disaster-prevention checklists.
  • Provided emergency trainings: fire prevention, disaster prevention, AED life-saving, and handling of fire extinguishers. 434 employees attended these lectures.
  • Self-defense fire brigades carried out activities such as ceremonies to appoint or discharge members, participation in local self-defense fire brigade drills, group drills, presentation of exemplary performances, and periodic drills.
  • Reorganized the in-house fire brigade and reviewed the fire defense plan accompanying the developing and relocating of operation bases as well as the transferring and consolidating of businesses
  • Established and strengthened health and safety management promotion systems for each division in conjunction with the Integrated Management System.
  • Made presentations at academic and other conferences and participated in symposiums.

Certifications / Official Commendations

  • Became a government certified 'Health and Productivity Management Organization' (2017)
  • HORIBA became the first firm in the Kansai region to be certified as a company excelling in health and safety.
  • HORIBA achieved the goal of its FY2015 campaign of reducing the number of accidents in Kyoto to zero during a three-month period.
  • Since 2015, HORIBA has been certified as an excellent corporate promoter of Kyoto City’s system to encourage safe use of bicycles.
  • Since 2014, HORIBA has been certified as an excellent corporate promoter of Kyoto’s health promotion system.
  • Two of HORIBA’s self-defense fire brigades were officially commended in its local ward, Minami Ward’s self-defense firefighting drills.