Photoluminescence (PL) & Electroluminescence (EL)

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MoreSpectrometers - Multi-channel spectrometers
MoreSpectrometers - Miniature High Throughput Spectrometer (VS20)
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Single Channel Detectors
Large choice of PMTs, solid state, photoelectric detectors for custom spectroscopy solutions
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Optical Accessories
Large choice of optical accessories to design your custom spectroscopy solutions
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Photoluminescence Microspectrometer - MicOS
The most versatile and cost effective microspectrometer for steady state and lifetime Photoluminescence
MoreSpectrometers - VS7000-PDA
Highest SNR CMOS Mini-Spectrometer
VS7000-CCD-HS Miniature CCD Spectrometer
High Dynamic Range Mini-Spectrometer
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Photon Counting PMT Detection System
Self contained PMT housing for quantitative spectroscopy and imaging low light measurements
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Dual Mode Analog/Photon Counting PMT - CoolOne
Thermo-Electrically Cooled Photomultiplier Detection System
Dual Channel Microscope PMT Photometer
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Microscope Photomultiplier Photometers
Ideal for Electrophysiology researchers to quantitate light intensity out of a microscope
VS7000-CCD-HS Miniature CCD Spectrometer
High Speed Miniature CCD Spectrometer
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Microscope Illumination System – Scopelite 200
Affordable, long life and maintenance free, high intensity microscope illumination system
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Deep Cooled Vacuum Ultra Violet Scientific Cameras – Syncerity VUV
High energy camera detection that can interface with a vacuum chamber for measurement down to 120 nm
MoreSpectrometers - VS7000+
OEM CCD Mini-Spectrometers
MoreSpectrometers - CP140 - Imaging Spectrograph
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Deep Cooled NIR Scientific Cameras
TE and cryogenically cooled scientific cameras for ultra sensitivity from 800 nm to 2200 nm
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Deep Cooled UV/Vis/NIR Scientific Cameras
TE and cryogenically cooled CCD and EMCCD scientific cameras for ultra sensitivity from 200 nm to 1100 nm
MoreSpectrometers - H1034B
Triax Series Imaging Spectrograph
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Short Focal Length Triple Grating Imaging Spectrographs – Triax Series
Affordable 190 nm focal length imaging spectrometers offering maximum versatility and automation
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - High Resolution Monochromators- FHR Series
640 and 1000 mm focal length high resolution spectrometers
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Long Focal Length Spectrometer – 1000M
The ultimate spectrometer for ultra-high spectral resolution down to 0.006 nm
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Imaging Scientific Cameras
Affordable and high performance EMCCD and CMOS cameras
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Double monochromator – Gemini 180
Double additive grating scanning monochromator for low light applications
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Mid-Focal Length Imaging Spectrometer – iHR Series
320 mm and 550 mm focal length high performance and versatile imaging spectrometers
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Short Focal Length Imaging Spectrometer - MicroHR Series
140 mm focal length high performance and versatile imaging spectrometer