HORIBA Instruments Brasil

Meeting with Jundiaí City Authorities

As a board members of CBDL - The Brazilian Chamber of Laboratory Diagnostics, which represents 70% of the Brazilian IVD market, the HORIBA's Managing Director for Brazil and Latin America - Fernando Jorio and the CDBL's Executive President - Carlos Gouvêa had a meeting with Jundiaí Authorities for delivery the White Book of Laboratory Diagnosis 2021-2022 to the Mayor of Jundiaí City - Mr. Luiz Fernando Machado, the Municipal Health Secretary - Mr. Tiago Texera and to the Civil House Director - Dr. Gustavo Maryssael.

The book shows a timeline covered by CBDL, with joint actions between private entities and public agents such as the Ministry of Health, Anvisa and WHO in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. In other chapters, it details the role of CBDL in the health production chain, in addition to the concerns of industries in the laboratory sector regarding the sustainability of the segment. The last part of the book brings 21 proposals distributed in four phases of the in vitro diagnostic life cycle.

In addition to the proposals for improvements in the IVD sector contained in the book, future projects and partnerships in the areas of health and environment,  between HORIBA and the Jundiaí City Hall were also discussed.

From left to right: Dr. Gustavo Maryssael - Civil House Director, Carlos Gouvêa - CBDL President, Fernando Jorio - HORIBA's Managing Director for Brazil and Latin America, Luis Fernando Machado - Jundiaí City Mayor, Tiago Texera - Health Secretary and Rodrigo Moreira - HORIBA Brazil Communication Manager.