Come and listen to the presentation that will be given at the 20th International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS XX) in Seattle (September 13-18, 2015) on Monday 14, September at 11:20AM during the Microelectronics Session entitled “Combining Plasma Profiling ToFMS with ToF-SIMS depth profiling for microelectronic applications” Co-authored by A. Tempez, J.-P. Barnes, Emmanuel Nolot, S. Legendre

Results from a collaborative work between CEA-Leti and Horiba Scientific will be presented. Depth profiling data from ToF-SIMS and plasma profiling TOFMS will be shown for materials used in microelectronics and nanotechnology such as magnetic layers for 3D sensors, Pt-doped Ni-silicides for advanced contacts, PZT… These examples will illustrate the advantages of PP-TOFMS of being much less matrix dependent than SIMS due to the fact that sputtering and ionization are separated processes in PP-TOFMS analysis. Both techniques will be compared in terms of sensitivity, depth resolution, and contamination identification and quantification.