HORIBA Scientific launches LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite

HORIBA Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of its next generation Raman software, LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite.

LabSpec is a complete Raman software application that guides researchers through system set up, Raman spectrum data and map acquisition, measurement and data processing, and report generation. LabSpec 6 enhances the functionality of its earlier LabSpec software, to offer comprehensive data acquisition, processing and display functionalities for HORIBA Scientific’s full range of Raman, cathodoluminescence (CL) and photoluminescence (PL) spectrometers.

LabSpec 6 has a newly designed interface with an intuitive data browser. New features also include a fully integrated Multivariate Analysis module for characterization of complex data sets, and a recordable Methods module.  The Methods module allows users to create their own custom functions comprising multiple processes (such as data acquisition and treatment), which can be run at a touch of a button.

LabSpec 6 can be accompanied by the KnowItAll® HORIBA Edition (powered by the Informatics segment of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.), which offers advanced spectrum matching functions for pure and mixture spectra, and functional group analysis.  This includes HORIBA’s own Raman spectral databases, comprising over  1750 spectra from a wide range of materials.

LabSpec 6 is simple, yet powerful software, which allows researchers to handle advanced analytical functionalities, in multi-user environments without needing to learn the intricacies of a new software platform.

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